Why Become A Doctor Of Nursing?

12 August 2020
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If you are someone who has a background in nursing, you may want to think about continuing your education to become a doctor of nursing. There are two doctor of nursing degrees. One is more research-based, namely the Ph.D. of Nursing. Getting a Ph.D. is a good idea for those individuals who someday plan to teach nursing students or write and publish studies. A DNP of nursing focuses more on the practical side of nursing and will be responsible for designing and carrying out plans of care for their patients. Read More 

4 Tips For Making An Engaging Webinar

29 April 2020
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A good webinar will leave you feeling engaged and inspired, and a bad webinar will leave you watching the clock, wondering when you are going to be done with the experience. If you want to make an engaging webinar, there are a few things you need to do. Tip #1: Focus Your Webinar on a Specific Idea First, you need to choose a very focused topic. With a webinar, you have a short time to engage your audience. Read More 

3 Clever Ways To Leverage Your Accounting Degree

1 April 2020
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If you are looking to start a career or change career paths, you may have started off thinking, "what career pays the most money?" While having sufficient income is important, job stability and happiness are important too. An accounting career does not always have to lead to being a chief financial officer or tax analyst of a major firm. There are a multitude of clever ways to leverage your accounting degree, so you are not stuck as a traditional accountant. Read More