4 Tips For Making An Engaging Webinar

29 April 2020
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A good webinar will leave you feeling engaged and inspired, and a bad webinar will leave you watching the clock, wondering when you are going to be done with the experience. If you want to make an engaging webinar, there are a few things you need to do.

Tip #1: Focus Your Webinar on a Specific Idea

First, you need to choose a very focused topic. With a webinar, you have a short time to engage your audience. You want to make sure your audience walks away with solid, actionable information and that they fully understand what you explained during the webinar.

If you have a lot of in-depth material to cover, you can do an entire webinar series. Just make sure each session focuses on a specific idea and explains it in a way that your audience can walk away and explain the idea to someone else.

Tip #2: Choose the Right Format

Second, you need to consider what type of format you want. Do you want to lecture like you are a college professor at a podium? Do you want to have multiple speakers? Do you want to run a panel discussion? Or do you want the webinar to follow a question and answer format?

There are numerous ways you can format the discussion, so narrow in on one type of format per discussion.

Tip #3: Write a Script

Third, it can be helpful to write out a script for the webinar. You will be recording and sharing information live, and having something to refer to, even if you don't read it word for word, can help you make sure you are staying on topic. Having a written script can also help you think through everything you want to say and make sure all the information is concise.

Tip #4: Use a High-Quality Microphone

Finally, if you intend to host more than one webinar, you are going to want to invest in a high-quality microphone. You want your voice to come through nice and clear. People don't want to listen to someone who sounds like they are talking over a speakerphone they are standing ten feet away from. Check your sound quality before you go live.

When it comes to making an engaging webinar, you need to make sure your webinar is focused on a very specific and focused idea. You need to determine the right format for your presentation and script everything out. Use a high-quality microphone to clearly record your voice. If you want to hire a professional, choose a continuing education webinar producer