Why Become A Doctor Of Nursing?

12 August 2020
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If you are someone who has a background in nursing, you may want to think about continuing your education to become a doctor of nursing. There are two doctor of nursing degrees. One is more research-based, namely the Ph.D. of Nursing. Getting a Ph.D. is a good idea for those individuals who someday plan to teach nursing students or write and publish studies. A DNP of nursing focuses more on the practical side of nursing and will be responsible for designing and carrying out plans of care for their patients.

While many universities used to require that students first had a master's in nursing, this is no longer the case. There are now many programs that offer a bachelor of nursing (BSN) the ability to gain an education and become a doctor of nursing (DNP). BSN to DNP programs usually take 3-4 years, depending on what you plan to specialize in. It is well worth the time for many reasons, some of which are as follows.

Develop Your Skills

As previously mentioned, doctors of nursing will work directly with patients of their specialty, helping them to overcome their health challenges with treatment plans and support. Doctors of nursing have slightly more autonomy than nurse practitioners, since they have more training. 

Secure Your Future

The higher up you move in the medical field, the more secure your future. There will always be a need for people who can diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses, and the better you are able to do that, the more equipped you are to help people along your path of life. 

Expand Your Credentials

In some states having a DNP can qualify you to have your own practice. This means that you could be your own boss, with your own patients and ways of doing things. Having your own practice is also one of the more lucrative ways to succeed in the medical field. Working for another doctor or a hospital does have fewer liabilities though, since owning your own practice means that everything is ultimately your fault. 

In conclusion, becoming a doctor of nursing will basically set you up for success wherever you live. The healthcare field is constantly looking for qualified individuals who can help to expand the network of services offered. No matter where you are now, becoming a doctor of nursing could take you where you want to be. Look for programs near you today!