What Are The Steps To Becoming A Real Estate Agent?

2 June 2021
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If you are looking for a career opportunity without the commitment of lengthy schooling, you may want to look into becoming a real estate agent. This job has good security since it's in demand, and the median income of about $24 per hour can be a good return for the relatively short training period. Here are some steps to take if you are interested in this path.

Take an Aptitude Test

Although the schooling period is short, that doesn't mean that being a real estate is an easy job or suited for everyone. You may want to take an aptitude test and go over all of the job duties before committing yourself to school. There are key characteristics that make some people more suitable for this job than others. For example, you should have strong emotional intelligence and communication skills since you will need to understand buyers' and sellers' needs. You should be technologically adept, as you will need to use apps and real estate software to compare properties, create marketing materials, etc. You also have to have a great passion and drive for this career, as you may need to work sporadic hours to meet clients' needs.

Understand Your State's Requirements

There are no national requirements to become a real estate agent, but every state has its own licensing requirements. For example, you may need to have at least a GED, be at least 18, be willing to have fingerprinting/background checks, etc. Keep in mind that some states have reciprocal licensing agreements, but some states will require you to take another licensing exam if you want to work in two states. Many states also require a pre-licensing course before you can apply for your real estate license.

Take a Pre-licensing Course

Every school is different, but usually, you'll need to take a few weeks of schooling before you can take a licensing exam. One great benefit of real estate courses is their flexibility. There courses offered at community colleges and other brick-and-mortar locations, as well as online courses. During your schooling, you'll learn how to

  • Show properties to prospective buyers
  • Advise people about market conditions and how to stage their home
  • Mediate negotiations and prepare paperwork for transactions
  • Stay updated on competitive prices and real estate laws and trends
  • Market properties through listing services and open houses

Once you complete your course, then you will be able to take your licensing exam and get started on your business! Reach out to a continuing education provider for more information about online real estate classes or this career path.