3 Tips for a Midlife Career Change

20 January 2021
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Just because you started down one career path doesn't mean you have to continue that career path through retirement. If your career path isn't bringing you the professional or personal success you desire, you can always change your career path. Before making a midlife career change, you will want to work with an adult center to figure out what you want to do to enjoy a smooth career change.

Tip #1: Take Some Career Tests

If you are thinking about changing careers, you should head to a career center, where they can connect you with various tests that will help you with your career change. You can take various self-assessment tests that will help you more clearly identify what your values and interests are. These tests can also help you better understand your personality and how your personality needs will impact your work life. These tests can help you step back and get an outside assessment of what you need and want in your new career.

Many career centers will also have someone who will evaluate your tests, sit down, and talk to you about the results. They can discuss how these results can help you discover the right career going forward.

Tip #2: Think About Your Needs and Wants

As you work towards finding a new career, you need to think about your needs and wants. You need to consider how much you want to earn and what type of benefits you are looking for in your next career. You need to consider what you need from a job.

For example, if you have been working a manual labor job for decades, you may be looking for a less labor-intensive career so you can continue to work for a few decades. Or perhaps you have reached the ceiling in your career, and you need a career where you can take the skills you have and advance. Knowing what you need and want from a career can help you make the best decision when it comes to switching careers.

Tip #3: Tell Your Life Story

Third, now is the time to tell your story. Sit down and talk with a career counselor and tell them the story of your life. This doesn't have to be just your professional life; you can talk about other things in life that you enjoy or stand out. Telling your life story to someone else can help you figure out what your passions and interests are and what things you are proud of. A good career counselor will listen to your life story and pull out things you were good at or interested in to help you with your career change.

If you want a change careers midlife, you totally can. Before you quit your current day job, find a career center that can help guide you in finding a new career path.